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🎁 RESHIBA NFT Art Competition-500 UDST cash Prize🎁

⏰ Submissions will be accepted until 15th June, 12:00 PM UTC, 2021. We will need 25 entries

🖼 We are excited to announce the Reshiba NFT Art Competition. We are talking art and inspiration to bring out your creative side.

📬 Submit…

🎁 Dear community members, we are hosting a $500 RESHIBA TOKEN GIVEAWAY!
All you have to do is make a #TikTok promoting the $RESHIBA token!

🎈Create your tiktok video
🎈Tag us
🎈Submit tiktok link

The top 3 most viral videos will win a share of $500 worth of $RESHIBA
The top 3 most viral videos will win a share of $500 worth of $RESHIBA
🥇 $250 Usdt
🥈 $150 Usdt
🥉 $100 Usdt

Make sure you include the tags #reshiba #reshiba4tiktok #reshibacontest002

Get your phones out and start recording! The competition will end on 10/06 00:00 UTC. We need 25 entries minimum.

RESHIBA the Road Ahead


We believe that with a strong community, we can achieve more than simply a Meme. A vibrant community will be the fuel that allows us to build a healthy environment while also providing value and utility to all parties involved.

We also believe that…

🎉 RESHIBA MEME competition is successfully completed! 💰 3 WINNERS — 3 X $50 worth of RESHIBA 💰

‼️ Surprise Surprise — Winner prize increased to $50 of RESHIBA (from previous $30). And MORE contests upcoming.

❣️A massive thank you to everyone who participated ❣️


🎁 Winning Entries: Winners please confirm by replying to our original MEME contest post on Twitter with their BEP-20 Address from their own twitter ID. Also repost your memes on Telegram

RESHIBA- RobinHood of Crypto

A glimpse from past

— — — — — — — — — — —

A world full of cheating and rugs pull, trust gone to winds. Dogs were waiting for someone who can bring a sense of beingness and comradery to a never-ending bickering.

A pup was born. It…


Reshiba to the Rescue. Join us on a journey to bring back greatness to the dog family and to empower content creators.

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