🎁 RESHIBA NFT Art Competition-500 UDST cash Prize🎁

⏰ Submissions will be accepted until 15th June, 12:00 PM UTC, 2021. We will need 25 entries

🖼 We are excited to announce the Reshiba NFT Art Competition. We are talking art and inspiration to bring out your creative side.

📬 Submit your Best Art/Meme Art which you created and would like to turn into an Nft (can be art/meme/image).

There will be three selected entries-1 X Mega Entry prize — $300; 2 X Consolation prize entries — $100 USDT each.

🩸 Your submission will be reviewed and verified. You will receive a confirmation from us on being selected.

🩸 Selected entry will be not only be given cash award as above but same submissions will be converted to a unique NFT with credits to artist.

🛎 There further would be an auction announced and the returns from the sale would be used as following:

1.40% of the sale price to the artist

2.25% of the sale price to meme coin community if the meme art represent a meme token else will be donated to charity.

3.25% will be used to buy back reshiba tokens

4.10% to RESHIBA treasury

🎉 Further, upon agreement with the artist, five copies of the selected NFT would be created to be reshared with the top 5 holders of Reshiba OR to 5 lucky winners whom the community decides over a vote.

Rules to Submit

  1. Tag us on twitter with your entry

May the best artist/community win



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