RESHIBA the Road Ahead


We believe that with a strong community, we can achieve more than simply a Meme. A vibrant community will be the fuel that allows us to build a healthy environment while also providing value and utility to all parties involved.

We also believe that strong Contests are a good approach to start generating value for content creators, which is one of our key goals.

With the help of community and strong ecosystem $RESHIBA aspires to achieve its fundamental mission of contribution to various charities for the just cause


To make RESHIBA the most valuable and adoptable utility token in NFT marketplace and Launchpad Ecosystems.

Next steps:

  1. Launchpad


$RESHIBA will be the primary token used within the platform. It is a self-deflationary token that rewards holders and the users of the platform.

$RESHIBA holders will be able to participate in the projects presented through launchpad. A token holding of 0.5% is required to entitle you an entry into the $Reshibamaker group, which is the only way to grant participation to the special projects launched frequently moving forward.

$RESHIBA holders will get a share of the profits generated by ecosystem (Launchpad and NFT ecosystem)

This is just the start we will be sharing more and more details in upcoming updates.But lets begin with another contest first with a cash prize of 1000 usdt.



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